COVID-19 and the Gas Pump

As gas stations around the country advertise prices between $1-$2, with many states nearing the dollar mark, consumers are rejoicing that it takes less than $20 to fill up your tank maybe for the first time in decades. This drop was accompanied by oil futures prices going negative for the first time in history on … Continue reading COVID-19 and the Gas Pump

Talking Money with your Employer

The power dynamic that exists between employers and recent college graduates makes it hard to be comfortable talking about money with your employer. Many college graduates don’t have an understanding of their personal salary expectations nor how to bring them up. Take the following tips to heart and learn what you can do to take … Continue reading Talking Money with your Employer

Stimulus Package and Students?

While helpful to the economy as a whole, the recent $2.2 trillion stimulus package leaves students claimed by their parents to fend for themselves. In this package, it is unfortunate that it will not currently benefit most college students.  So, how does it work? The provisions for coronavirus stimulus checks in the already-passed legislation establish … Continue reading Stimulus Package and Students?


If you’ve been paying attention to the news, I’m sure you’ve heard talk of an economic recession related to the fallout of COVID-19. A recession hasn’t occurred in over ten years, making this the first recession in many students’ memories. Now that it’s becoming a reality again, you may be wondering what this means for … Continue reading Recessions